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The LHN Yahoo Group is back online and active. If you prefer a forum, join the LHN Forum. You can also keep in touch by friending us on Facebook.

LHN is an online network of several hundred local homeschool families sharing information about classes, field trips, sports, playdates, tutors, homeschool dances and graduations, and much more. Join us on the LHN Yahoo Group, the LHN forum, or find us on Facebook.

Are you new to homeschooling?
Read the tips on our Getting Started page, find the legal subject requirements for Texas and how to withdraw your student from school. Find how to choose the right curriculum, how to homeschool high school or children with autism or other learning disabilities, and more in the many articles on this website.

Check out the Lubbock Homeschool Lending Library
Visit the library to browse or borrow homeschool curriculum or donate curriculum your family isn’t using any more. Read more about the library here or go to www.lubbockhslibrary.info to browse a database of available materials.

Find out about local classes, sports, tutors
LHN members constantly post new opportunities on the LHN Yahoo Group, Forum, and Facebook page.You can also find info on homeschool sports at Lubbock Homeschool Christian Athletics Association website. (Tennis is offered separately through Daniel Lassiter.)

Fellowship and support
Meet like-minded friends, get together for park days, field trips, etc. Check out our list of homeschool support groups. (To add a support group, please contact LHN.)

When you apply to LHN, please include your:

When you apply, please include your:
1. first and last name,
2. city of residence,
3. and a brief 1-2 sentence introduction that will be shared with the list when you join.
[Example: My name is Jenny Lake. I live in Childress and have been homeschooling my three boys (10,9, & 6) for six years.]

Applications without this information will be rejected.

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