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LHN is an online network of several hundred local homeschool families sharing information about classes, field trips, sports, playdates, tutors, homeschool dances and graduations, and much more. Keep in touch by joining the Lubbock Homeschool News Facebook Group and friending Lubbock Homeschool on Facebook.

For information on homeschooling including getting started, homeschooling styles, and articles about homeschooling high school, special needs children, and more, please see the articles linked in the menus above.

Homeschool Support Groups
While LHN is primarily an online network where folks can ask questions, find out about activities, arrange events and meet-ups, etc., many area homeschool support groups provide “real life” support and help, and often offer play dates, co-op classes, scheduled activities and events, and the like. Here’s a listing of local homeschool support groups and their contact information: www.lubbockhomeschoolnews.com/local-support-groups-listing

Homeschool Sports
You can find information on Lubbock-area homeschool sports on the LHCAA (the local homeschool sports association) website: www.lhcaa.com. Sports offered include swimming, basketball, baseball, football, softball, volleyball, soccer, etc. Homeschool tennis and family tennis camps are offered separately through Daniel Lassiter, email: spcheatennis@juno.com.

Homeschool Lending Library
You can also look through and borrow various curriculum at the Homeschool Lending Library. Basic info about the library is available on the LHN website (www.lubbockhomeschoolnews.com/lubbock-homeschool-lending-library) and you can browse the library catalog and check out books at the library’s website www.lubbockhomeschoolnews.com/lubbock-homeschool-lending-library. (The library is a separate entity from LHN, and we list their info as a resource and convenience.)

Field Trips
Here’s a list of over 70 local field trip ideas submitted by LHN families:

Homeschool Law
Here’s info on homeschooling legally in Texas.

Posting Ads
The Lubbock Area Homeschool Exchange (LAHE) is a Facebook sales group just for Lubbock-area homeschoolers where you can sell anything, whether it’s homeschool-related or not: www.facebook.com/groups/281617735307237/

If you posts ads in the LHN Facebook group (www.facebook.com/groups/LubbockHomeschoolNews), we ask that your ads be homeschool-related and that you please try to limit your ads by posting multiple items in one post and not sending so many ads in a single day that you spam the group.

There are two moderators for LHN on Facebook: Carly and Liz

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